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I just realized that in red there is no Meowth, so I'm going to hack one into my party if that's alright.

-Loaded me game and went to Pokemon Center to heal
-Beat up some trainers and went into Mt. Moon
-Battled trainers and Team Rocket in Mt. Moon
-found a moon stone
-died a few times trying to rush through
-caught a clefairy
-battled super nerd guy
-collected the dome fossil
-left and went to cerulean city
-battled gary at nugget bridge [It was a slaughter]
-Went to catch me a Meowth =D
-caught meowth and began grinding him up

Party --
Persius - lvl 7 Meowth

Bud - lvl 26 Ivysaur
Poison Powder
Razor Leaf
Vine Whip
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