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    Once again, thanks for the comments.

    Originally Posted by DForte View Post
    really like how you can go to any gym at anytime and that trainers get progressively stronger over time instead of location (I assume the same goes for wild pokemon).
    Wild Pokémon will grow, but at a much, much slower rate than trained Pokémon, and it's so gradual you wouldn't really notice.

    However, there are all different strengths of Pokémon all over the region at all times...
    If I had to equate it to an official Pokémon game for instance, then it'd sorta be the equivalent of getting your first Pokémon, walking out of Pallet Town and potentially either meeting a level 3 Pidgey, or a level 44 Pidgeot.
    That's where the Aura Function of the Pokédex becomes invaluable to the player. I'll upload some screenshots of it in action either tonight or ssometime tomorrow.

    Originally Posted by DForte View Post
    paul used the pokedex to see what attacks starly was able to use, is that implemented in your pokedex as well?
    Alas, no. Like in the games, you can only view moves of Pokémon you have already caught. So if you wanted to check (or swap out different) skills, then that would be accessed through the 'Pokémon' section of the menu.

    Originally Posted by DForte View Post
    did you release a demo for pokemon asphar? if you did, i would love to play it
    Unfortunately, no. Asphar didn't quite get that far - the main problem being that I never completed the battle system. However, I've already done the framework for the battle system this time, and all it needs doing now is just a lot of copying and pasting for different Pokémon, Skills, and stuff.

    Thanks for the questions. I like questions. I'm a question junkie


    In regards to the story, with what I've done so far, I have found it rather difficult to progress the story naturally without the main character speaking.

    I've added a poll, because I'm interested in hearing other opinions...

    Would you prefer the main character to remain silent, like in the official games - or would you prefer for him to have a predefined personality and have dialogue?

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