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Originally Posted by jakkinho View Post
That's what I was thinking aswell! I have a vigourlan but I totally forgot from which pokemon he evolved.. Others like sevicious, hombeast, buffalon, kingmadio, radiorange, ramshaker i haven't found yet

I'm planning on restarting the game when a new update comes out. I just can't get enough of this hack, it's simply amazing.

Any tips about some of the fakemon? I would like to try them out and/or maybe add them to my team when i restart. But to be able to do that, I need to know how to get them :D so all tips are welcome!
Thanks for your praise. Now for a spoiler full of cryptic hints:

The snake opposes the manliest man; beasts are built upon bones; the King is the ruler of an island wherein only he dwells; to shake a ram you have to be very precise; as a child oranges are quite depressed.


I agree with you there. There are probably posts that ask the same things you responded to.
Also to Cutlerine, too bad about not winning HotM(you'll get there soon enough though!); I was gunning for ya there! While it's far from perfect, this hack is god-tier in its own right in my opinion.
Keep making us entertained with your work, man! You're a wacky genius!
Eh? Were we in the running for HotM? I hadn't been keeping track... I ought to have realised.

To you too, ChaosSonic, thanks for your praise. I'm always happy to be called a genius, and even happier to be called 'wacky'. Hehehe... Wacky. Such a funny word.

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