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Originally Posted by Okie Dokie View Post
Signing up for this challenge! It looks like fun!!
Not to backseat moderate but you need to do kind of fill out the form in the OP. Then I'll be glad to pick out your team.
As for my team selection, this should be fun. Think I'll update when I get a new badge or make an addition to my party.

Edit: I'd post an image, but I can't until I get six more posts...
So far, my team consists of Ajax the Combusken and Petra the Poochyena. Just got the Stone Badge.

Edit: Petra finally evolved, and I got the Knuckle Badge.

Is there a rule against catching HM slaves not specified as what I've been told to use?
Does this look like a Dunsparce to you?
I'm trying to teach my Pokémon about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, but it's not going too well. It must be too much for it, probably.
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