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Originally Posted by smile! View Post
Quasi Seal does require a bit, I admit. But whenever there's one enemy left basically I'd just tap the button repeatedly and see if it would connect.

What I love about Max is that if you control him manually, and equip the Canceler, you can link his skills up to three. The first one would require charging, but the next two will link automatically. Usually the last finishing move would be that Elemental Master.

You should try Maxwell Extension. (If the glitch works, that is.) It isn't really hard either. And plus, if you can finish it till Blue Earth, you'll get an additional 100,000 EXP at the end of the battle. You can easily get all Greater Craymels to L30 by spamming Maxwell.

Well, the lenses, at least the Krona Symbol is a _bit_ useful. Combo Command basically lifts the 4-move limit you have. (You know how you can only set 4 skills at one given time.) Combo Command is like commands in a fighting game; pressing the directional button plus a certain button (attack/defend, etc) will execute the move. In other words, you have all the moves at your disposal without having to go to the Skills menu each time you want to change the skill set up.
Lol, I think we exhausted every avenue of this game. We pretty much have an entire page of just you and I talking about it. Maybe one day they'll decide to make a sequel to Eternia... Doubt it though.