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    Originally Posted by Karpman View Post
    This looks really unique, and it seems you have the skill to pull it off.
    Good luck with the project.
    May I ask, is the game's Karen the same one as Elite Four member from Johto?
    Thank you, and no - different Karen. I may in fact change her name to avoid confusion

    Originally Posted by ProdigyX View Post
    The mini game looks great, you look like you got a lot of skill going towards this game, its very different but in a great way. Mini game looks fun, looking forward to this!

    Originally Posted by DForte View Post
    I like the mini-game. From the looks of it, colors represent the egg type (red=fire, blue=water, green=grass, yellow=electric). Is that just to throw us off, or will it really be like that.

    Hope you get some videos of the game up soon.
    No, you got it right, the colour of the eggs do represent the type.

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