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    Originally Posted by DarkDoom3000 View Post
    ^ I would assume badges. Or else it would screw over people who like grinding for levels.
    That's kind of why I was asking. There are some people who will sit in a route and just level up until they are 10 or 15 levels higher than their previous level. For those that like to do that, you could make a case for progressing levels by the number of badges you've obtained.

    At the same time, some people may want to do a quick run through, so you can make a case for progressing with time.

    I personally would like both to be implemented (if possible). I personally just like to play the game. I am not trying to be the best or finish it as quickly as possible. If after an hour you still don't have your first badge, levels increase by a certain number. If you do have your first badge, the levels increase by a larger number, but the time between badges is reset.

    I'm gonna try to explain what I mean, because I'm not sure that was clear.

    You start the game and you have 1 hr. to get your first badge. Say you get it after 54 mins of playing. Levels of wild pokemon/trainers increase by 50%. Instead of having 6 mins to get your 2nd badge, you have 60 mins. So you would have to have your second badge by the 1hr 54 min mark or levels increase by, say, 25%.

    This is just a thought tho, not saying it should be done this way
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