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Thanks for all the comments. I'll try and address them all now.

In regards to the poll, and whether the hero should speak or not - I think its pretty clear the majority would prefer a speaking character. Which, to be honest, is what I would have voted for myself.

In regards to posting Overworld screenshots, the reason I have done so yet is because I believe mapping to be one of my weakest areas and I've been putting off posting any screens of it. But I'll go ahead and post some later on today.

In regards to the storyline, I'll write out a more detailed version and stick that in the first post soon.

And in regards to the Trainer Growth...
I was toying with the idea of difficulty settings the player can choose from that affects the speed of other trainer's improvement. This could be changed at any time from the options menu - so if you find the game becoming too easy or difficult, then you can change it on the fly (though the affect may not be instantaneous and gradually become easier/harder. Does that sound plausible?

And finally, in regards to the game being completed...
While I could never hope to 100% guarantee that I will finish this game - and while I also accept that the chances are slim - I will definately try my best. And if for whatever reason I can't, then I will at the very least not stop until there's a decent chunk of the game that can be released.

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