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Originally Posted by Bunnicustard View Post
I'm using an Advance and an Advance SP.

Not sure about the Honen thing...Emerald has national and Honen, and I'm guessing Honen is the one you start with, right? In which case that's the one Ruby has as I apparently restarted that game and have not beaten the Elite Four yet....could that be why? But then why won't it work with any of my other compelted games (i.e. FR/Emerald/LG/etc...?)

I just tried trading between each of my GBA gen games and nothing, even FireRed and LeafGreen wont connect. I get the same wait time right after it saves for the trade area but then it never moves forward. Surely you aren't supposed to wait a long time before it connects, right? It should be just a few seconds if anything, or should I just be more patient and wait a couple of minutes? Holding the wires in didn't seem to help either.

Grah, this is frustrating. This Emerald has a lot of the annoying-to-get pokemon like the Regis and some friendliness-based evos. :/
I'm pretty sure you don't need to complete the games to trade between them.

Maybe there is something wrong with your cable? Or perhaps the used Emerald you purchased. The way your explaining it though seems like there may be a problem with your cable.