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Cynthia x Palmer is HOT! (it's called EyeCandyShipping, by the way...fitting, right?) I fully support Barry being their would explain is obvious epicness and raw talent as a trainer ;D

The only problem with that is don't we see Barry's mom in the games? In their house? I mean...unless Palmer switched out the babies when they were conveniently born on the same day...too much of a mind screw imo XD

Originally Posted by PearlShipper4Life View Post
Eh We got some CafeMokashippers here sweet and more videos would be awesome, I made one the other day. I've noticed a lot of NxTouko Yaoi shippers while we are on the subject.
Yay! We're taking over ;D I think you mean N x Touya (boy), which I support as well. I definitely can't wait to play the game so that I can see the Ferris wheel scene with him :3

Originally Posted by TheSmartOne View Post
My friend, who's a huuuge toxicboltshipper, would love you for that XD I don't really support it, but hanging around him too much has made me...tolerate the ship. I even drew him a picture as well:


Ohhh, and did anyone see this nice comic yet?


From Pokesho

It's so accurate, I may cry.

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