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Originally Posted by DForte View Post
More Trainers......YYYYYAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Trainer Rank.... o.O .....I am intrigued by this lol

Edit: Cool Banner Mew_Nani

Also, I dont know if this is a glitch, but I have noticed that when I use an attack with one pokemon, sometimes the attack doesn't happen until I use an attack with another I said, not sure if it's a glitch, but I just don't remember that happening in previous versions
That usually happens when another pokemon is attacking/about to attack when you select your attack, it delays your attack.

Originally Posted by phosphate5 View Post
Looks awesome! Downloading now.
Hope ya like it :)

Originally Posted by Lockmaster24 View Post
so you swap teams that sucks in a way. it would be better if you could switch individual pokemon between teams
Well, true. but doing that will be too much of a hassel.

Originally Posted by Rassalon View Post
After playing NG+ for a while i noted that none of the trainers on routes and caves are reset thus making it a little bit difficult.
Originally Posted by Omn View Post
I mentioned that a while ago when new game plus came out and then when i tried it again
Yeah, I had a short release schedule, so I didn't have time to reset trainers. They will be getting reset in v0.6's NG+

Originally Posted by DForte View Post
not sure if you still want this info, but i just did a second run through of the demo and the pokemon that I have used the most are at the following levels:

Eeveeon: 33
Charmeleon: 30
Croconaw: 29
Gravelar: 30
Hauntar: 25

Total Play Time: 4 hrs 25 min

Also, I just ran into a weird didnt happen on my first file tho. After the demo finishes and you get back to Amplus City Train Station, as soon as I got off the train, My map pops up and I cannot leave that screen, I can control the character on the map.
Your levels were pretty similar to mine.

The glitch, it doesn't have anything to do with NG+ from what I can tell. but rather, pressing multiple hotkeys while an event is going on.
It's fixed now. (*)

Originally Posted by Albo-One
wow cool game, but its lagging very much.
whats the reason?
Sorry about that, I hadn't updated the original post, you downloaded the laggy v0.4, The newest version v0.5 eliminates the lag.

Originally Posted by OtherAlias View Post
I found a small little error; when my Golbat evolved into a Crobat its name remained "Golbat". I haven't used nametag or nicknamed my Zubat/Golbat either.
someone mentioned it before, fixed.

Originally Posted by DForte View Post
You probably downloaded version 0.4. If I assume correctly, you went to the first page and clicked either the megaupload link or mediafire link. If you go to DarkDoom's signature and click "Version 0.5 is OUT!" that will take you to the correct link.

DarkDoom, you may want to correct that so no one else makes this mistake.
fixed that now.


Trainer Rank

Trainer rank is your trainer level. It is directly connected to trophies.

Trophies are given for doing stuff ingame.
Catcing pokemon, getting badges, defeating AIs, doing sidequests.

Now, starting v0.6, you will obtain a trainer rank. which is determined by your trophy points[ iron trophies give 1 point,
while gold gives 81 ](there will only be 3-4 gold trophies. 1 for catching all 201 Pokémon. Another for finishing the game etc.)

in v0.5, after beating enemy trainers, you get bonus EXP and money. It's normally 500exp and 50$. Now it will be a fluculating rate. all determined by your Trainer rank. So someone who does lots of sidequests, and catches pokemon, will have a big trainer rank, thus banking lots of bonus EXP and $ after defeating trainers.
(bonus EXP = points * 50 and bonus$ = points * 2

Your rank is level based, meaning it will be easy to gain ranks at first, but will require more and more points as you get higher ranks.

Bonus EXP is also given to any pokemon in the reserve team. And trainer rank transfers across NG+ allowing easier leveling up.
Rare candies will also be effected by trainer ranks, you don't get given levels, rather EXP. Rare Candy EXP = points * 50 (but rare candies will be more common than the games)
Version 0.753 is out
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