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@destinedjagold: I completely don't get the point in doing so. It will seem to be a simple gfx hack to the player, but it will be a pain to work this out; codehacks, and near to a thousand single gfx hacks - it's not worth it.

@misky91: of course this should work (somehow), but the codehack isn't the problem; there are 412 slots for pokemon. With front and back sprite this makes 824. There are about 300 (as far as I remember) attacks, wich means approximately 1200 graphical hacks we would have to do. (I didn't even mind to cover everything else relating to this). Also, you would have to find attack-animation data, 'cause it's not all about codehacks and graphics. BTW: Did anyone find the animation data table (or something similar)? 'Cause I haven't heard about it, yet.
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