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    Woo-hoo, progress update!
    So that's how Trainer Rank is implemented...
    Wow, you actually made it useful! (I think a similar system is implemented in normal Pokemon Games utilizing the trainer card (the card changes color depending on how many accomplishments you've made) but that was just for show. Now it actually has a purpose. Yay!)
    I think it's a great idea. And the addition of more Rare Candies... that's useful too. You could catch more corrupted Pokemon that way.

    I still have a question, though, conscerning the reserve team mechanic.
    How would that work if one of your Pokemon fainted in battle? Would you get the option to switch one reserve Pokemon in to replace it, or would that option be inaccesible? And... what would happen if all of your Pokemon were defeated? Would you still lose, or would your reserve team be called in? (I like the idea of a reserve team, but the inability to switch Pokemon individually instead of switching the whole group is a bit of a dissappointment, since in all official games you had the ability to switch individuals out. It adds a new element of strategy, but... I guess the ability to switch individual Pokemon in other games has spoiled me. :D)

    On a different note... Thanks for the comment DForte. It's not the best banner ever made, but... I tried. Thanks!

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