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Originally Posted by Lockmaster24 View Post
nice, so the more things i do the more exp lucky i run around doing pointless things. oh and will trophies carry over to ng+ cause that might cause problems. because you could get way to much exp at the start of the game and level way to easy
Yeah, trophies do carry over, the EXP gain won't be super huge that you'll obtain 20 levels after one trainer or anything like that. It makes leveling in NG+ easier, but not redundant.

Originally Posted by mew_nani View Post
Woo-hoo, progress update!
So that's how Trainer Rank is implemented...
Wow, you actually made it useful! (I think a similar system is implemented in normal Pokemon Games utilizing the trainer card (the card changes color depending on how many accomplishments you've made) but that was just for show. Now it actually has a purpose. Yay!)
I think it's a great idea. And the addition of more Rare Candies... that's useful too. You could catch more corrupted Pokemon that way.

I still have a question, though, conscerning the reserve team mechanic.
How would that work if one of your Pokemon fainted in battle? Would you get the option to switch one reserve Pokemon in to replace it, or would that option be inaccesible? And... what would happen if all of your Pokemon were defeated? Would you still lose, or would your reserve team be called in? (I like the idea of a reserve team, but the inability to switch Pokemon individually instead of switching the whole group is a bit of a dissappointment, since in all official games you had the ability to switch individuals out. It adds a new element of strategy, but... I guess the ability to switch individual Pokemon in other games has spoiled me. :D)

On a different note... Thanks for the comment DForte. It's not the best banner ever made, but... I tried. Thanks!
With over 200 pokemon, I'm gonna have to add a lot more rare candies XD

The reserve, inactive team has no effect inbattle. They can only shift over out of battle. I mainly added to help train multiple pokemon, (have my training team for grinding, then shifing over to my main super team for boss battles and stuff)

Originally Posted by BCKC View Post
Just wondering, why the specific symbols for the ranks?

Anyway, I can't play for awhile :(
(But, if you look over the guy who gives you the ManMan's text, I bet you can find at least 3-4 mistakes...)

Whoa, you just inspired me to make a banner ;)

EDIT: Ok, I lied. But I DID make it into the dimensions of the titlescreen. And halfway through, I realized that it can only have 8 colors. Oh well, too late. I finished it, though. (Attached.)
The symbols were inspired by military online shooters (MAG, COD, etc) where you get symbols for each level. It's more nicer than just having a number.

All SPEE graphics have a 256 colour limit, I ususally just keep it minimalistic to look like the G/S/C games.

Originally Posted by zealot View Post
I've only been playing this for a short while, but man is this fantastic! One small thing though: is it possible to change the names of the items, like from Phoenix Down to Revive? It gets me confused between pokemon and final fantasy.
Originally Posted by BCKC View Post
@Above: Nope. It is supposed to be a cross between those two games, however :P

This game is pretty awesome. Keep it up :D
Most items are named after final fantasy items.

I've contunued rebuilding the rainbow tower, it's now only 1 minigame short of being at the previous state (whack a mole).

Quiz Zone
I'm gonna be starting development on it soon, and I'll be needing to make a lot of quizes...
So It's your guys time to contribute. (well, more contributing for some of you)

Submit your own quizzes.
It can be about ANYTHING. Pokemon, Digimon, Quantium Mechanics, The economy. Anything.

I need 10 Questions,
Each round must fit a textbox, Theres 4 lines, each line being 50 characters long.

So theres 2 options.
1 line of question, 3 choices
Question: BLAH (try keeping it 50 characters long
-Answer, Choice, Choice

2 lines of the question, 2 choices
Question BLAH (2 lines, 100 characters)
-Answer, Choice (can be done yes/no)

Your name will be credited when choosing the quiz, and in the endgame credits.
Version 0.753 is out
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