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Update on my Blastoise Platinum Run:

-Removed the Psyduck, reached Celestic Town, and got Surf
-Got HM04 at Iron Island
-Won gym badge #6
-Dealt with Team Galactic at Lake Valor
-Won gym badge #7 in Snowpoint City
-Finished Team Galactic events at Lake Acuity and the Veilstone Building
-Cleared the Distortion World
-Won gym badge #8 in Sunyshore City

The team:

BLASTER (Blastoise) lvl. 70
-Water Pulse
-Ice Beam

Grotle lvl. 19
Togepi lvl. 1
Hoothoot lvl. 20
Diamond FC: 1504 2172 1147
White FC: 1721 2860 5156
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