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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
Actually, White Forests' data is in Black, and vice versa. All it is, is different pointers to data. You can test this by swapping saves between the two. It'll be rather glitchy, though.
This is just logical. If you link with a Black game in the Global Link and you own White and then do a mission, you can visit Black city. This isn't a glitch (except the glitch forest) because both places are in both games. Also, cross-over your sav works because BOTH THE GAMES HAVE THE SAME BASE. GF starts with making one game, and then they copy it and slightly edit the copy to get 2 different games. This isn't weird or anything, if you put a HG sav on a SS game you can catch Lugia the SS way. That's how it is done.

Lol same reply as I posted on UTube <3
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