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    Originally Posted by DForte View Post
    Ill be working on some questions over the next couple of days and Ill pm them to you. As a heads up, I will try to stick to Digimon, DBZ (DB & GT as well), and Pokemon. Just the shows, none of the games. As for Digimon I will be sticking with the first 2 seasons and Pokemon I will try to stick to Kanto, Orange Islands and Johto.

    Edit: For the characters, do you want 50 characters or less, or about 50 characters?
    cool, the question have to be 50 characters or less, but you can have a long discription of the question, then have the 50char shortened question.

    EG: long discription (which shows up first):
    Geovanni is the leader of team rocket and the viridian city gym leader in the official games.

    What type pokemon does giovanni use? (36 char)

    Originally Posted by ShadowDragon3812 View Post
    Glitch I ran into:

    In Amplus city, while using night mode (still in gen 2) the train tracks become invisible and non passthrough.
    Originally Posted by OtherAlias View Post
    ^ similar bug in the desert city(Khabula?), I was using old mode and the tracks were solid and I couldn't pass through them. I couldn't get to the pokemon centre D:
    both bugs were fixed, the train tracks work normally in normal mode, so switch to that if you wanna get past them.

    Originally Posted by zealot View Post
    Alright lol. Still though, this game is quite amazing.
    thanks ;)

    Originally Posted by mew_nani View Post
    Oh, ok then. (note to self, put Butterfree in main team, stick Blissey in reserve...)
    And as for quiz questions... ....Hold on a minute, I'll come up with something.... ....
    ....wait for it... ... AHA! I got it! (it'll probably suck, but here goes!)

    Ya think you're a Pokemon Master, eh? OK then. Is
    Sacred Power's base power stat 50 in Pkmn Firered?
    Yeah, it's 50.
    No, it's 100.
    Answer: It's 100. Ho-Oh's not that weak.

    ....Voila! The suckiest trivia question ever written! (good luck making one worse than this one. :D I probably got the format wrong though... I'm sorry about that, I'm not very good at reading formats...)
    umm.,... no comment XD.

    Also, the questions would need to be in sets of 10. so you get 1 point per question then a double point bonus for getting all them correct.

    The reason I need them in format, is because SPEE (well, rm2k3) can only display 4 lines of text at a time.

    So if you have 3 answers, your question can only be one (50 char) line long. or else the question will be displayed, but you'll have to press enter for the questions to appear in a new text box, which would replace the question text box. so people won't see the question anymore.

    Heres some templates.

    You can write a discription as long as you want, as something to set up your question.

    EG: (First box)
    In the official games, as of Generation V, how much possible evolutions does eevee have?
    (second box)
    How many official evolutions does eevee have? (45 char)
    -7 (answer)
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