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Oh, ok then! Thanks for the template! ... I'll post another one then.... ....

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Time
and Explorers of Darkness, you could obtain 491 of
the total 493 Pokemon available in Platinum.

Now can you tell me one of the missing Pokemon?
a. Breloom
b. Shaymin (answer)
c. Mewtwo

P.S. I am truely sorry for forgetting to post this, but... The game runs on my laptop without a problem. (even unplugged! Version .4 lagged quite a bit when my laptop was unplugged.) I haven't tried it on my ancient desktop though... Don't feel too bad if it don't run on that old thing. It has trouble running Pokemon Yellow at 100% speed. (I might try to run it there, but... I don't think it could run SPEE at 50% speed. :\)

@BKCK: Nice job! It looks great!

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