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I'm G-Money, and I've been shiny hunting for quite a while. I think it was February 2006 when I came across a gray Slugma. I looked online to see what it was, and I discovered shinys, which lead me to this thread. I've been following this thread ever since, although it never occurred to me to post my own shinys. :D

I always enjoyed reading about all the shinys you guys caught - it was great motivation to hunt for some myself. I don't like to see this club dead, so hopefully I'll be able to inject some life back into it.

Here are my shinys:

Slugma (Emerald) - Random Encounter
Electrode (Ruby) - Random Encounter
Shuppet (Emerald) - Random Encounter
Zangoose (Ruby) - Random Encounter
Dialga (Diamond) - SR
Torchic (Sapphire) - SR
Uxie (Diamond) - SR
Bibarel (Diamond) - Safari Zone
Bulbasaur (FireRed) - SR
Magnemite (Diamond) - Egg Hatching
Tangela (LeafGreen) - Random Encounter
Giratina (Diamond) - SR

I'd love to finally join after lurking for so long, and hopefully this club can be revitalized.

EDIT: I just got a shiny Staravia!!! Joining this club gave me some extra motivation to start hunting again, so I've been looking for shinys practically nonstop over the past two days. I switch off between SRing for Treecko/Mudkip in Sapphire and hatching eggs in Diamond, which have been Croagunk eggs lately. I got bored of hatching and decided to shiny hunt in the wild, so I figured I'd work on filling my Pokedex while shiny hunting. I saw that I didn't have a Meowth, so I looked up where to find it and flew to the route where the mansion is. I didn't see any Meowth, but I figured I'd stay and shiny hunt on that route and see if a Meowth shows up in the meantime (none did). After seeing around 20 wild pokemon, I found a shiny Staravia!!! One quick ball - caught! I'll take a shiny over some Meowth any day!
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