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Again, I'm too impatient to wait for the PC Review Challenge to review this.

It doesn’t seem that much of it makes any sense though... he thought to himself, catching eye of one message that read ‘Magikarp are gonna kill uz all!’. Meanwhile, Umbreon worryingly regarded another wall which was covered by multiple misspellings of ‘dishwashers’ in red.
Indeed if you have them learn Flail.

“But...but...I have a top hat!” she protested, taking said object off her head and waving it about. “You can’t say no to the top hat!”

“Why not?” Wes asked.

“...You’ll make him sad!”
Top hats rule, that is all.

“I just thought – do you remember how we first encountered Miror B?”

“I believe it was in Phenac City, no?” Sherles replied after a moment of thought.

“Yes... in the Mayor’s house.” Rui paused before continuing quickly. “The Mayor hadn’t been there so I’m not sure if that means anything but now that I think about it, it strikes me as rather odd and maybe although this might sound-”

“You’re suggesting the Mayor of Phenac might, just maybe, have something to do with Cipher,” he said bluntly as he retrieved a second pipe from his drawer and made sure it was out of Quagsire’s reach. Rui nodded slowly before he continued to speak. “That is an... interesting thought, but it wouldn’t explain why he allowed the overseas police force to come and help out with matters, I feel.”

“But... wouldn’t that make him look strange to refuse help given the circumstances? And didn’t you say that the number of people who came was far smaller than you expected?”
*dramatic gasps* Plot development, oh my!

He wanted to have me arrested as well as Wes...? she thought in wonder as she walked towards Duking’s place, thinking about how the Mayor had appeared to be so friendly when she had met him. Maybe it was as much a lie as the tooth fairy had been, and she was feeling just as disappointed about that possibility as when she found out the horrid truth about the tooth fairy.
Ah dang bobandbill, way to ruin my dream of meeting the tooth fairy. ;_;

He had been tempted to send out his third Pokémon which was apparently a Wailord, but was strongly urged by his companions to refrain from doing so – the last time it was sent out in battle in the streets of The Under, several buildings had been demolished.
Haha, that would have been a funny scene to read.

Please drink!

Courtesy of the lovely
~*!*~Lady Venus~*!*~
Um, I'll pass, thank you very much. ._.

“‘Hearty Beef – now with 12% extra heart attack risk...’” he read before trying another. “‘Can in a can!’”
O.o; *begins eating Hearty Beef until she gets a heart attack*

Let’s Play? Espeon thought, reading the words upon a poster of Venus surrounded by Pokémon and snowflakes.
Don’t tell me Venus is going to do your Let’s Play Pokemon Diamond you have been posting here, is she? D:

Suddenly a tall and familiar man walked into the building and looked at the group.

“Heyelly hey-hey, itsa supermanney!”

“Esp! Eon!” (Oh god! Not you!) Espeon cried in frustration as Tom of all people stumbled towards them, grinning happily at Wes.

“Whysy hesy asluupyewuppy?” Tom remarked in a typical drunken lingo. Rui blinked, trying to make sense of his speech and ignore the smell of his breath. “Hihy he manytuing notty cuul doing?”
TOMMMMMMMM! :D Haha at the end wheere he was able to carry both Wes and Johnshon. XD;

I enjoyed this quite a lot. I really feel sorry for Johnson this chapter for some reason, maybe because he isn't able to say anything smart in a while. XD Also, LOL at the people being brainwashed. This shall get interesting later on.

Again, the scene with Sherles and Rui has some nice foreshadowing during their discussion. Woot for Rui taking matters in her own hands, although she should consider eating yogurt too.

The part with Ein and Miror B--all I'm going to say is cunning Miror B is awesome.

Overall, great chapter here. Looking forward to the next one!