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YES! The return of Tom who strangely seems to have amazing upper body strength!

catching eye of one message that read ‘Magikarp are gonna kill uz all!’
This message likely makes more sense to someone who has borne witness to the awesomeness that is Gurks.

“But...but...I have a top hat!” she protested, taking said object off her head and waving it about. “You can’t say no to the top hat!”

“Why not?” Wes asked.

“...You’ll make him sad!”
Top hats are boss. More trainers in Pokemon games need them. But did she give hers a name? "Eddie" sounds like a good name for him.

a winking Venus covered in twenty-seven different varieties of lipstick, eye-shadow and beauty cream.
Hey, at least she's having fun with those beauty products

what had originally been his drab yet clean, white room was now decorated with posters, confetti and its own disco ball hanging from the top of the ceiling.
I would sell my soul to have a disco ball in my room. And this situation with Ein and Miror B. living under the same roof would make a great reality TV series. I know Miror's intentions are good, but you still have to feel a bit sorry for Ein for having his whole life "disco-fied" xD

The Under in itself had felt so... unscientific.
I know of a teenage girl, abut the same intelligence level as Ein, who would agree with this statement

Ah, those crazy, Venus obsessed Under residents. Gotta love 'em, even if you don't really understand what they're trying to say, lol And interesting that someone is beginning to suspect Phenac's mayor... after all the clues (i.e., the suspicious characters and riffraff about his house as well as this arrest warrant for Wes) are right there. And now a small part of me wants to fire up Colosseum (I just finished a play-through this past week), go to the Under, and tell the old man I don't want to hear his story just to see him go ballistic. Am I wrong for wanting to do that?

Oh, and while we're at the Venus stage in the story, look up an '80's song called "Venus" by the band "Bananarama". This song needs to somehow be associated with her, as the line "I'm your Venus" comes directly from that tune.

Another good chapter, and pretty ironic timing since I just finished up a playthrough of Colo as I mentioned earlier. But now I really must go. You see, there's this young lady in a top hat standing over me who's demanding that I see her show. She's quite adamant that I bear witness to it, too. And there's no saying no to the top hat. Especially since I think this person is running the whole show...

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