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I love my Fire-Red team.. I just got my eighth badge and I am training for the E4.

Ability: Torrent
Level 59 w/ Leftovers
-Skull Bash (may change to Ice Beam)

Ability: Keen Eye
Level 42 w/ no item
-Aerial Ace
-Steel Wing

Ability: Inner Focus
Level 56 w/ Leftovers
-Brick Break
-Dragon Rage
-Blizzard (may change)
-Dragon Claw

Ability: Synchronize
Level 43 w/ Twistedspoon
-Role Play (planning on changing)
-Shock Wave

Ability: Intimidate
Level 32 (currently training) w/ EXP. Share
-Take Down
-Flame Wheel
-Fire Blast

I plan on leveling Pidgeot and Kadabra up as well before the E-4. And I don't have a sixth pokemon yet. Might just trade Rayquaza from Emerald.
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