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Originally Posted by Icebloom View Post
You seem to have quite an obsession with Mystic Artes, lol. You really should play some of the newer games. ToD got a sequel when I thought the ending didn't leave much for one, so you never know.
Yeah =[ I would like to. XD

And I AM obsessed with Mystic Arte. XD I used go and search for videos of them. ^.^

Speaking about Abyss, I love its Indignation animation. It's COOL 8D

And someone mentioned Presea, which jogged my memory about something someone said Presea said... It goes like

If you open the iron maiden before it grants its wish, you will be cursed. First you will experience a churning stomach illness, and diarrhea for 77 straight hours. Then, for the following 777 days, the king of demons will appear and stick his finger up your nose. Every. Single. Day. ~Presea Combatir
I lol'd a lot at this.