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    I was thinking of a FR Omega challenge. Since you apparently have to be God to finish a Nuzlocke, I really don't know what to do. Oh, and Emerald 386. Those two games are pure slaughterhouses for Pokemon. >;D


    Yanma - chaos;;
    Raticate - myrrh'
    Ampharos - vaporeon7
    Hitmonchan - JT.
    Girafarig - JD--

    Sorry guys, most of you kinda missed it. Or just you don't like my Pokemon. Oh well.
    Also, I'm a bit too lazy to continue on SS. I have a full 6, including a Magnemite. But I'm afraid to attempt Morty. What level do you think I should take him on at ?

    EDIT : Said I hacked my PSP. Well, I downloaded Final Fantasy (just that, it's the 20 year anniversary remake :'D) and named you guys after my characters :

    Warrior - Seco (yea me :p)
    Thief - Alt (don't know what came to my mind)
    White Mage aka good magic - Sydian (um... yeah)
    Black Mage aka bad/attacking magic - Chaos (it's a chaoos ! :'D)

    Opinions ?

    EDIT 2: Actually, Ampharos is absent from Crystal... :'(

    EDIT 3: Lol edits...
    Apparently, content from Sony Music Entertainment is blocked in Romania. Awesome. :\
    Well, okay. I'm here just to chat with people. Don't really care about signatures and stuff.