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    My First Update (I'm going through this story style :D)

    My Name is Pryce Jr. son of the Gym leader Pryce but everyone calls me Junior I used to live with him in Mahogany Town but he sent me and mom to New Bark Town when some shady guys moved into town an set up a Souviner Shop. I tried to get him to let me stay and help him protect the town but he said it was too dangerous and I was an inexpierenced trainer, so for the last month me and my mom have lived here. I met one of my fathers old freinds named Prof.Elm and he said he'd give me a pokemon if I worked as his assistant. It was boring until he asked me to go pick-up some egg from a guy named Mr.Pokemon and that I'd get my pokemon to do so. I jumped at the oppurtunity and picked up Totodile the closest pokemon to an ice type there and headed off.I picked up the egg just fine and a freind of Prof. Elms gave me a pokedex,but when I took a step outside Mr.Pokemons house Elm calls he tells me a pokemon from his lab was stolen a rush back home but I'm stopped by a street punk who called himself Kamon a beat him with Teto(the totodile) with ease and headed back home to Elm's lab the police man there described the theif I realised it was the punk from before I told him his name Prof. Elm went pale and after the Officer left Prof. Elm told Kamon was the name of Giovanni's son a former freind of my fathers and Gym Leader who went bad and formed an Evil team called Team Rocket he asked me to find him and try to get the pokemon he stole.He also told me something intresting if I took the gym leader challenge I'd get home and probably be able to prove to my father that I was ready to face the enemy's of our town. After that we got back to the buisness at hand I showed him the egg and he looked at it like it was a giant diamond, he thanked me and sent me on my way I went home and told mom what I was going to do she told me she new I'd leave home someday warned me to be careful and asked I rest till morning so I did the next morning I headed off to Route 46 and caught a sturdy pokemon called Phanpy I named him Bull (Bull Elephant) I went to Cherrygrove and put Teto in storage so he wouldn't be at risk and head through route 30 having a few battles along the way on. On Route 31 a Dark Cave caught my attention inside I met the second addition to my team Ursula the Teddiursa. I continue Violet City and trained at the Sprout Tower where I met Kamon again but he escaped before I could stop him I faced the elder and at his defeat he told me he could see I treated my pokemon right he gave me Flash and descened the tower. I went to the Gym and met Falkner he told me he was suprised to see me so far from Mahogany town I explained what was happening and why I was there and he understood he too had gained his fathers respect as a trainer by beating the Gym leader challenge. I defeated him and he gave the Zephyr Badge and wished me good luck. When I went outside Elm called me telling me he wanted me to take care of the egg I brought him I went to the pokemon center. One of his Aides there gave me the egg and went off. I decided to rest and let my pokemon heal (GAME SAVED)

    Bull Male Phanpy Lvl. 11
    Moves: Tackle Growl Defence Curl Mudslap

    Ursula Female Teddiursa Lvl. 11
    Moves: Scratch Leer Lick