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Those game references were a nice touch. xD

Leave it to Ash to use a physical move on a Poison attack... Anyways, I'm going to miss ol' Brock, it's too bad he was neglected so much in DP. At least back in AG it still felt like he played a role in the group. I can't help but think that Brock was in DP for any other reason than Uxie or advertising HG. It's nice that he's going to finally pursue his dreams, he just can't accomplish everything when he's with Ash. Ever since Brock got replace by that weird green haired boy the anime's manliness has dropped by 60%.

Recently I was watching the Battle Frontier arc where Ash battles and trains against Brandon. In one of those episodes Professor Oak himself mentioned that Brock had an incredible gift for healing Pokemon, and told him to keep up the good work. Was the whole Pokemon doctor thing really foreshadowed that long ago?

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