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Originally Posted by Trent_Jayir View Post
Wow, sure is quiet in here. ;'>

Nice mew, I laughed. The staryu looks very sweet and clean and crisp, You chose really nice colours for it too. Good stuff!

Your dragonair are also superb! It's got a really nice composition and sybolisim. I really like how you've used textures in the most recent update, it looks really cool.
Yup. Sure is. The fact that I'm updating less often isn't helping. lol

Thanks. :)

Next to my male base, that Dragonair is my deviation with the most faves. It has also accumulated faves faster than any of my others. I find it quite funny, seeing as I didn't put much effort at all into that one.

Originally Posted by Noblebeastx View Post
I love the arceus one.Great job and keep it up.
I'm glad you like it. Thank you. ^^

Originally Posted by SPM3 View Post
Great art here! Hope you excel! :D
Thanks. I'll most certainly try!


Itty bitty update...

This will probably bring an end to my Unown art, seeing as it completes my mini-series. Put together with my previous Unown artworks, it spells my name. Here's Unown A:


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