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Hello again..

My FireRed prved to be absolutely no match for Charizard..

And it all seemed like a speed run..

But I accidentally left my game on all night before I woke up so I had 12 extra hours added onto my time -___-

So anyways I blurred through firered mainly with mega punch andscratch.. picked up aerial ace and replaced scratch and killed everything until pokemon league and picked up dragon claw.. Charizard then had a moveset of:

Aerial Ace
Dragon Claw

Dragon claw replacing slash

Destroyed Lorelei with flamethrower(amazingly had 3 OHKOs) and aerial ace..
Left with Hothead only having 82 hp.. things were looking slim

Obviously took out Bruno with aerial ace and earthquake for the ONYXs..
Everything was OHKO so I advance with 82 Health

Agatha blown out by Flamethrower and earthquake..
Damage almost caused from Haunter but a simple confusion was a miss
Iadvance to challenge Lance with 84 health (Hothead levelled to 83)

Gyarados did not prove a problem flamethrower.. almost OHKO
He does dragon rage.. 44hp left..

Hyper pot used by Lance..
Another flamethrower

Lance switch to Aerodactyl
Flamethrower Crit OHKO

Lance to Dragonair
Dragon claw domination

Switch back to gyrados
Aerial ace to kill

Drgonair #2
Dragon claw OHKO

Dragonite for last hope of lance
Luckiest Dragon claw crit timing ever..

Advance to Lavir (rival spelled backwards)

OHKO Pideot Flamethrower

Earthquake by Hothead
Blastoise withdraw
Earthquake by Hothead

Blastoise down

Exeguttor comes out and is demolished by Flamethrower

Alakasam comes out to be invited by another

Charizard is now level 84 with 47 hp(actually I have no clue when this happened I just had a random moment to see stats(darn speed button))

That's was charizards last flamethrower

Breath-Taking moment:

Arcanine used Extremespeed!

Hothead has 11 hp left!!

Second-most breath taking moment:

Hothead used Earthquake!

Critical hit!!


Decade becomes champeen!!!!!

Anyways.. this solo was easier than expected from a nuzlocke style challenge..

But nonetheless.. oh and I'm going to be hacking in Charizard to a normal silver since the speed button seems to be a billion times better than SSand HG so next up.. Jhoto!
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