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Originally Posted by G-Money View Post

I'm G-Money, and I've been shiny hunting for quite a while. I think it was February 2006 when I came across a gray Slugma. I looked online to see what it was, and I discovered shinys, which lead me to this thread. I've been following this thread ever since, although it never occurred to me to post my own shinys. :D
Hey G-Money! It's me, Yanappu from SPPF. ^-^

Anyways, I'd like to join. But judging from the fact the first post hasn't been updated for almost 5 years, I think this is kind of pointless to say.

I am a shiny hunter, actually my newest shiny is one I got just yesterday. In my White, I was breeding for a Shiny Snivy, and on the 1071st egg, I got a Shiny Snivy through the Masuda Method! It's Hardy, and it has Glare.

On 1/3/11 I found a rare random shiny in Black on Route 6, a Shiny Tabunne. I was just abusing them for EXP and a shiny one came up! I was so excited!

My first Black/White shiny came on 10/17/10. It was my first ever successful shiny hunt, and my shortest to this date. On the 36th egg, I hatched a Shiny Munna! It's male, it has a horrible nature and it has the worst ability out of the two it has (I think it's forewarn) but hey! At least it's shiny.

Before that, I got a Shiny Zubat in Soul Silver which is now a Crobat. And in 2008 I found a Shiny Whismur in Emerald.

I also have multiple Rumble shinies.

Right now, I am using the Masuda Method in Soul Silver to hatch a mystery shiny. I hope it hatches with the ability I want so I can use it for hunting.

Once I finish this box, I will have 210 hatched.

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