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    Originally Posted by ChaosSonic View Post
    In my opinion, easily one the best hacks to ever grace the PokeCommunity.
    I knew this hack wasn't finished; there was alot of things in Beta 2.1 that made me go "WTF?" at times, but I stuck through it. In fact, this was the first hack I've actually finished, even before ShinyGold.
    Like the others have said, cannot wait for 3.1 to be ready, and still can't believe this hack is back.(How long since 2.1 came out anyway?)
    Hehe yea 2.1 had a few things bad. It was released around april 29th 2009 if i remember correctly...

    Originally Posted by Lugiaz Soul View Post
    Why don't you release Beta 3 like you did at The Pokemon World Forums? I've played through Beta 3 and it was awesome. Is OK for me to re-upload the Beta 3 or do I still follow the "rules"?
    The rules still apply. And nah i wont release ti as that version is too old and outdated, plus its not ready for a release which is why i didnt publicly release it.

    Originally Posted by pure_water View Post
    Can't Wait!! I Hope Gastly appears at Bellsprout tower this time

    and the weather gets fixed.^^
    They sure do ;)

    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    There was beta 3? How far did it reach?
    Basically not that far at all. Not even the first island was completed.
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