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Originally Posted by Ragnia View Post
Hello I'd like to sign up for a single solo challenge on FireRed (may turn into an ultimate depending on how much fun I have with this one)

The pokemon I will be using is Sableye (possibly one of my favorites) also quick question..... Does my solo for firered end when I beat the elite four a second time or just the first?
Sableye <3
I believe it's the second time.
Might as well update mine..
Secured all my HM Mules - Poliwhirl for Surf, Strength, Rock Smash (Technically not an Hm, whatever), and whirlpool. Farfetch'd for Fly and Cut, and Chikorita for flash. level 38, finally got Dragonair. I have yet to not OHKO a pokemon with slam, which is pretty tasty.
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