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    Originally Posted by DefiningTheDecade View Post
    Wow well that's a very pleasant name for oddish lol..

    Can't stop what the trainer wants..

    My nuzlocke solos just seem to avoid me now.. I can't find a single thing to hack in charmander for silver -___-
    If you're playing on a Rom, you could either google for Gameshark codes and eventually, after a ton of annoying ones about shiny level 100 legendaries that know as many variations of Hyper Beam as there are in the game (oh wait, this is Silver, so it will be different about that...but not better) eventually find the only thing that matters: The wild Pokemon modifier codes. Takes 5-10 minutes to figure out how they work, and, voila, you'll find a wild Charmander.
    Or you could go to Swampert Tools (a site for hacking tools), and look for the GSC Starter Editor (should be called StartEdGSC.exe). Can't do anything wrong with this one.
    If you're playing on a cartridge, I have no idea what to do though.

    To add to the current discussion... Iirc when I was the OP of a challenge thread a year ago or so, I updated it very frequently, but in the end this only led to the list of participants being HUGE, because more often than not people start a challenge, and forget about it soon after. I'm not blaming anyone, I'm doing such things myself a lot, especially recently. So, by now I'm thinking there's no point in having a participants list in a challenge thread.