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    Requesting joinage 8D

    Username: smile!, but you can call me Arc if you want (long story)
    Overall Education Level: Uhh, tbh, I'm not quite sure what level of the education in my country would be equivalent to yours. I'm guessing, around 12th grade?
    Mathematics Education Level: Currently taking Calculus I.
    Do you think you can be asked for help in your level or lower?: Mhmm.. Probably.
    What is the derivative of 3X2?: I had to search the meaning of derivative >.> I feel so lame! XD Uh, but yeah, I'm more used to y'. Anyway, 6x.

    Originally Posted by BlooMilk C. View Post
    Math catchprase 8D: Depressing lives are like pi, they need to be terminated.
    XD That's funny.

    Uhh, math catchphrase? Can't think of any right now. I vaguely remember something about pi, but I can't recall the exact wordings. Though, what my maths teacher once said, (sounds something like this)
    If the temperature of a town is 0o Celsius today, and the temperature of tomorrow will be twice colder than today, then what is tomorrow's temperature?