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Hey Landorus! Welcome (unofficially) to the Shiny Hunters Club!

I've been SRing for a shiny Drifloon in Diamond since last Friday. I'm at 1212 SRs now - I hope it shines soon!

In Ruby, I'm running around on the route before the Rusturf Tunnel, hoping for a random encounter shiny. All the Pokemon on that route are pretty cool, and so far I have seen 500 Nincada/Zigzagoon/Taillow/Whismur/Skitty.

In Sapphire, I'm SRing for a shiny Treecko. I think I was doing that a few years ago too, and that's how I got my shiny Torchic. I mustn't have been paying attention and forgot to move the cursor over to select Treecko, and when I looked down I saw shiny Torchic!! "lol" it was awesome; hopefully I'll get all 3 Hoenn starters eventually.

In FireRed, I'm playing through the game to get an Entei for Pokedex reasons. I decided to play the game with my shiny Bulbasaur, which should be pretty fun. Hopefully I'll get a random encounter shiny along the ordinary course of the game. Once I finish the game, I'll restart and go for Squirtle and Charmander, but that won't be for a really long time, "lol."

Good luck on your Landorus hunt, Landorus! Good luck to all the other shiny hunters - I know you're out there somewhere! :D

EDIT: 1234 Drifloon.
EDIT II: 1313 Drifloon; Vermillion City in FireRed
EDIT III: 1341 Drifloon. I spent all day playing FireRed, and now I'm in Saffron City. I've seen no shinys despite hundreds of encounters. I tried to face as few trainers as possible so that I would have to raise my team almost entirely against wild Pokemon to maximize RE chances - I trained mostly against Diglett and Gastly hoping to run into a shiny, but no luck. I'm going to take a break from the regular course of the game for a while and do a few SRs for a shiny Hitmonlee.
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