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Myrrh, when I train a new team, I just take a pair along with 4 other really strong Pokemon (pretty much the ones that already made Hall of Fame) and I go to the double grass in Great Hall (where Pokemon are about level 60-56) and give one of the weaker Pokemon an Exp. Share. Then I use the stronger Pokemon (the party leader holds a Lucky Egg) to battle until that weaker Pokemon gets to 50. Then that level 50 Pokemon takes the second slot so that if I do get in a double battle, it actually gets to do something so I can get an idea of how it will be in battle. Then when it hits 60, I give it the Lucky Egg and put it at the head of the party. At 65, I go to the second Pokemon in that pair. Rinse and repeat. When my new party is all at level 65, I take them all to the same place and get them to level 70.

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