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Lol So good news bad news and horrificly ugly news..

Good.. found Ruby and hacked in Charmander

Bad.. For some reason I have to believe this game is hacked cause when I picked torchic may had a treecko..

Horrificly ugly.. My hacked in charmanders broke Trochics every limb and resulted in a fail Nuzlocke..

Bad again.. I picked Mudkip so I didn't have this soo easy and I could probably catch a charmander and not die this time.. Turns out the person who hacked it hated Treecko or something cause after I battled may caught another hothead.. I save it started a new one with no saving to be introduced and Treecko was picked this time and sadly enough.. May had Treecko..

Anyways back to mudkips part.. though I hate water I guess their useful for surfing..
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