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    Didn't really like Orange Island, mainly because it had Tracy (who's just as bad as Max and Dawn...woah off topic). Indigo Leauge was the best. Johto had a lot of filler, but what's wrong with filler, as long as it's funny?

    A lot of people say it's only because of nostalgia and that we grew up with it, or it came first. That's a part of it, yes, but you'll notice that the writing has improved in Best Wishes, because they (I've heard) brought back the original writers.

    Plus, just because Ash could actually suck at being a trainer in the early episodes, Team Rocket was a threat (especially Pokemon Emergency! and Here Comes the Squirtle Squad!), the supporting characters and Characters of the day weren't bland (most of the time), etc.

    And this is kinda small, but did anybody else prefer the original coloring style over the new digital style? Oh sure, the new ones are brighter and look newer, but some colors changed (for the worse) such as Jessie's hair went from red to magenta, and Officer Jenny's went from blue to green-ish blue (I think). On top of that, Pikachu was actually cute back then. He was chubby (until Johto or Orange Islands), and he didn't just talk after Ash did. Now (in DP) he's basically like Piplup (off topic again?)....

    Plus with the Indigo Leauge, 4Kids did a decent job. They didn't replace riceballs with sandwiches, they actually translated the signs instead of just leaving them blank, they tried harder with translation of dialouge (at least earler on), etc. And the music replacement was lower.

    Additionally, I liked the older music better, too. Title Screen especially, the Raid! theme, Team Rocket's Motto theme, Kanto Bicycle Theme, Team Rocket Encounter, Route 1, not to mention the openings, and Pikachu's Jukebox/Pokemon Kareokemon. And I liked Who's That Pokemon? beter than Trainer's Choice (at least they got Who's That Pokemon right, as far as I can remember).