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Originally Posted by DNZGames View Post
Well, I've started off by getting help from PokeGamer (an experienced GM8 user) who has made this : . With that as a base, and the battle, contest and menu systems that will programmed with assistance from him, I think that the challenge of making the game work should be easier than you've suggested.
Well, it took GameFortress well over a year to finish Pokemon Twilight and he's a very very experienced GM user. I assume you're going to program it all using GM8P data structures? I didn't intend to sound like a total kill-joy, I'm just saying is, as someone who has used GM for over 5 years, I have seen hundreds of attempts at pokemon projects and only 1 completed version due to the sheer volume of work and complexity; though, as you have an experienced partner hopefully that will help you on your way.

P.S. the tilesets in the RMXP screenshots look good.
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