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Originally Posted by AdvancedK47 View Post
Actually, in the high school I go to, a lot of people are ahead in their math studies. There are like double the seniors in the Calculus AB classes than in the Pre-Calculus classes. There's ALMOST pure Seniors in the Calculus BC class and the Statistics class. Both classes barely fit the one period XD. And I say almost because I've seen Juniors taking those classes as well. Not only that, I know a Junior who took Calculus BC as a sophomore, which is hopefully exactly what I'll be doing. Note this is RARE. XD

The only difference is... he's Asian and I'm Mexican :X

So yes, by Junior year I'll be taking Calculus III and modern Algebras... if the guys at the uni I'm in for concurrent let me, anyways >__> I'll be pissed if they don't let me.
I think you are a bit of an outlier in that regard. :P Most schools I know of aren't like that at all.