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do something about those double posts there, Erica. XD

I memorized it because I really want to see Mithos animated. So much.

OMG, yes! I completely agree with you there! The fact that the brought out Regal's story like that was really nice. In the game they touched upon it like what they did with most everyone's backstories (Zelos' only during the Flanoir event), but it was really awesome that they made it more in depth. I don't know if they're going to have time to do that for any others (they kind of did it for Sheena as well, but not as deeply). I would love to see more Four Seraphim back story, or more Genis & Raine back story.

While they made it a bit differently than in the game, I think they pulled the Tethe'alla Arc off much better than the Sylvarant Arc. My favorite part of the Sylvarant arc was honestly when Kratos killed Kvar. The fact that he said the exact quote he does in the game made me smile.
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