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Originally Posted by AdvancedK47 View Post
If you went to my high school, you'd fit right in, actually XD I can't exactly speak from other point of views. Although my high school only has Pre-AP and AP programs, not Honors.

If you were Asian, it'd be strange you'd be so behind
This would also be normal at my school XD, or maybe even below average since we do have a lot of seventh graders in Geometry :/. I'm planning on taking an Algebra Honors course online for this program this year which will count as a high school credit.(I'm planning on taking Pre-Calculus in ninth grade, maybe with a dash of Calculus). I was planning on taking Algebra and Geometry next year at my school, but then I got into the talent identification program I wanted to and they offered the course, and I'll even get a high school credit for it, so I can take Geometry and Trigonometry next year for eighth grade so I can catch up to where I should be, according to my school :3
Also, here's a history of math anecdote that you won't care about. Did you know that the earliest evidence of written mathematics dates back to the Sumerians, who adopted a basic number system, made multiplication tables, dealt with geometric exercises, and did division problems?

"The tablets also include multiplication tables and methods for solving linear and quadratic equations. The Babylonian tablet YBC 7289 gives an approximation to √2 accurate to five decimal places."(Wikipedia)