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    Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
    Username: I like Pokemon (...)
    Overall Education Level: I'm in Year 10 in England. I'm 14, going on 15.
    Mathematics Education Level: Not much at all. Recently, we learned Sine and Cosine rule. I'm still rather young, so I haven't gotten much education. I'm self teaching (pre) calculus, though.
    Do you think you can be asked for help in your level or lower?: Definitely, yes. I'm used to helping students in my class, and lower. Hell, if I know the topic, I might be able to help those higher XD.
    What did Pi say to i and what did i say back to Pi?: "Get real", "Be rational".

    Oh, I would LOVE to be a full-pledged member.

    Oh, and Arc, I feel slightly betrayed T.T
    I thought you might drop by sooner or later 8D Glad to see you here :D
    Why do you feel betrayed? XP

    Sine and cosine rule, as in sin a/a = sin b/b or as in lim (x->0) sin h/h = 1?
    Self teaching... whoa

    I still remember your aim to study everything you'd learn in college now and when you do get to college, you're going to annoy your lecturer with your weird questions. XD

    Be rational, nice. XD