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    Whoo! I finally beat Red! I decided to feed Champ two Rare Candies to boost him to level 90, checked my stock of revives and stuff and climbed the dangerous Mt. Silver. At the top was a quiet young man with outrageously powerful Pokemon. I killed off his Pikachu is one hit (Champ is faster than a Pikachu?). His Venusaur then took up the fight and was a PAIN IN THE REAR. After several revives and Venusaur killing off both my HM slaves at least once, I was able to return the favour and verse Blastoise. He was a bit of a pain, but he couldn't really hurt me that badly...Lapras was next. Ugh, Psychic. Lapras is no longer allowed to use that. Snorlax and Charizard were both uneventful. And with that...I had beaten Red! So now, my challenge is complete.

    Level 90, Hardy Nature, Loves to Eat
    Knows Waterfall, Crunch, Ice Fang, and Earthquake

    Firered || League Champion!
    Crystal || 1 badge(s)

    COMPLETE!: Level 90 Feraligatr named Champ.
    Emerald Solo Run: COMPLETE!: level 76 Blaziken