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    Originally Posted by PatJamma View Post
    hey did you ever fix all the bugs with certain trainer's pokemon freezing the game? example being Silver's kadabra (I think) in the fight at victory road?
    Well yes i fixed it twice as i lost the first fixed rom :(. I tested the 3 battles i was aware of which were Price's rematch and silvers kadabra and also Brendan's krumpurt. The battles didn't freeze multiple times so i hope thats not luck :P

    Originally Posted by uchiha sasuke View Post
    It's been almost two years since I played you game link and it's awesome to see you're back.

    I know you are not trying to be Zel, but I enjoy your rivalry. Once he appeared you showed up with Liquid Crystal, too!

    Best of luck to you my friend and I hope you do remember what you said in your previous thread. "You are determined to finish this hack"
    Let's see then if you can take it to the very end, especially since your plot is very advanced compared to other hacks. (sorry guys, I've lost interest in rom hacks, so I may be unfair with some new rom hacks which actually might be even better than the old ones)

    Considering glitches, I remember two freezing points, both of them being pointed out above. Although none happened to me, back at the days of glory I used to read that people's gameplay was crashed either with that Kadabra in the victory road or in Goldenrod City (sorry for spelling mistakes) during team rocket beating event.

    Looking forward to see your progress!
    Let your graphics man Zeikku to retake the job. I bet he will still amaze all of us.
    Best of luck Link, now that the remake duo is back!
    Thanks for the glitches. I believe they both are sorted and don't worry Zeikku is on the job ;).
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