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    Originally Posted by INV View Post
    YAY ur back!
    I played the last beta and I really liked this hack
    Cant w8 for the orange islands,Will u make them a special league like in anime?
    I know its too early to ask but still,When all of this is planned to come out?:P
    There is not really a special league in LC just battles between the 4 leaders and then the Orange Champion. Maybe there will be some tough puzzles or something to make it different :)

    Originally Posted by StuartJr2000 View Post
    Yeah! 4sure one of the bests pokémons (including original and hack roms) i've already played, congratulations!
    I am from brazil and a lot of friends wanna this release too!
    Good luck and good work!
    Ah, btw do u have any release date? Just try some date, it's terrible to see "Coming out 2011" since we r in JAN yet...
    And this time... can u make a item location faq? Srsly bro, i can't find king's rock to put on my poliwhirl ._."

    Well, good luck we r supporting!
    A release date? Well i cant say anything and will not as i never stick too them. Plus it puts pressure on me. But i can say this: I'm already tested and am up to ecruteak city. I have quite a few extras to still add in to the game but nothing major like new story stuff. So perhaps you can work out when the release would be from that. I can safely say it will be before Easter unless something major happens like a seagul attack!!!

    Originally Posted by Carlomagno92 View Post
    The last beta was awesome, I really liked this hack; but Link, can you make again the sprites like, Charizard, Pikachu, Suicune, Gyarados,...? (For example)

    And other thing, the champion music (Like Red & Lance) Why do you not use the same music from HG/SS, or similary? HG/SS are smaller than your hack, but i think, you can use some sprites or music to create "the atmosphere" of one remake.

    Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Peru xD

    Edit: I hope news from Beta 3.1 ^^
    Well thanks for the offer but i need LC to have a different feel. I'm aiming for a nostalgia based new feeling which isn't like HG/SS. LC needs a unique atmosphere if you get me.

    I havent planned on remaking those sprites for this beta even though they arnt exactly awesome I know.

    Originally Posted by Saartje View Post
    i have made a request for a savegame for a other pokemon hack

    please check that before someone delete this

    its in the savegame exchange
    Umm... I'm sorry but what has this got to do with the hack?

    "other pokemon hack" shows that entirely...
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