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Challenge Complete.

Alright, new update.


*Defeated all the trainers going through the route from Ecruteak to Oilvine. They weren't that difficult, Eevee is actually proving to be a force.
*I climb up the Lighthouse, defeating everyone in my path. I see that Jasmine's Amphy needs some medicine. Better go get it!
*I head to Cianwood, and enter the gym. I win here, and get HM Fly outside. I also retrieve the medicine.
*I give Amphy the medicine, and defeat Jasmine using teamwork.
*I head to Mahogany Town, and grind a little bit. That's when my Bayleef evolves into a Meganium. I catch the Red Gyarados, get the Red Scale, and enter the Rocket Hideout.
*The Hideout isn't much of a challenge. I clear that out, and I defeat Pryce in his gym. Professor Elm calls, and apparently Team Rocket has taken over the Radio Tower. I'd better go help!
*As I go up the tower, defeating all the Rockets, my Golbat evolves into Crobat.
*I finally clear the tower, and Team Rocket is gone. On to Ice Path!
*I reach Blackthorn City, ready to take on Clair. I'm still waiting for Fisherman Tully to find a Water Stone so I can evolve my Eevee...
*I beat Clair, but I guess that's not good enough to get a badge...I head to Dragon's Den.
*After quite a while, Tully finally finds what I've been waiting for...Water Stone! Eevee evolves into a Vaporeon, giving me my full team.
*I get past Victory Road, defeating my Rival. I grind the team up to level 50, and take on the League.
*Lance, the Champion, is taken down rather easily, as well as the Elite Four. Kanto time! :D

*So I'm on the ship now, and apparently I have to do everything myself. First, an old man loses his grandchild, and then a Sailor tells me to go wake up his buddy. WTF people? Plus, there is a Juggler who is very sick...but when you check the trashcan, there isn't anything in there? ._.
*I defeat Lt. Surge, Sabrina, and Erika. Then I head to Fuchsia face the very person I am doing this challenge after. That's right, Janine!
*Defeating Janine, I continue on.
*Alright, so I got the Machine Part, gave it to the guy, and saw Misty with her boyfriend. Defeated her at the gym.
*Vaporeon solos Brock after I capture Snorlax and go through Diglett's Cave.
*Vaporeon also takes out Blaine, and teamwork takes out Blue. Time to defeat Red!
*I grind in Mt. Silver, getting everyone to level 60. Hopefully, it will be enough.
*Red is defeated, thus ending the challenge. :D

Final Team:

Ariados Lv. 60
Poison Sting
Night Shade
Leech Life
Fury Swipes

Vaporeon Lv. 61
Aurora Beam
Baton Pass
Acid Armor

Meganium Lv. 60
Razor Leaf
Body Slam

Crobat Lv. 61
Wing Attack
Leech Life
Confuse Ray

It tosses its enemies around with agility. It uses all its limbs to fight in its own unique style.