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Originally Posted by hi sir tomato my password is syvniti View Post

I haven't been here for the last half year, could anybody quicly sumarize what has happent in the hacking sceene?
There has been mostly big asm advances (e.g. animated trainer sprites in thrird gen, and most everything by colcolstyles recently), but also a few minor things. Colcolstyles, and giradialkia are now the new mods. Most of the real advances in editing systems have been in either a special way to edit a sprite/tilemap in third gen, or in fourth gen. We may even have a funcional fifth gen map editor open to the public soon. Scripting in fourth gen has been done, along with numerous graphical edits. Many new hacks have been started, and many have ended. I'm not going into which ones, since that would take too long, but just know a lot of popularity has shifted. Lots of new data tables and structures have been documented, but most of those aren't listed here at pc. I hope that's enough for now. I would write more, but I've gotta go to bed.