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Wow Donavannj, you're really stocking up! Actually that platinum theme deck is one of the best ones, it can't stand up to regular decks at all but for theme deck vs. theme deck matches it's great.

I went to a call of legends prerelease today, didn't manage to score any secret rares but I scrounged a few cool things through trading mostly:
gyarados reverse holo
jirachi holo
clefable holo
rayquaza holo
rayquaza reverse holo
metal energy holo
snorlax holo prerelease stamped
hitmontop holo
and a few common and uncommon reverse holo's, along with the non holo commons and uncommons.

They also gave out deckboxes this time around instead of sleeves, made of plastic fortunately but you have to assemble it yourself which is sort of weird.
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