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    Well, my Mawile USC is on hold for now, having a bit of trouble with the DS series of games, but I've decided to start a new one.

    Now, think to yourself what the most annoying pokemon from all the generations is. Or pokemon family:

    Zubat, Golbat and Crobat!

    Yes, our favourite batty pokemon are going to be the focus of this new challenge. i don't think anyone has yet to do this, so hopefully this will be unique (like Mawile and Lickitung/Lickilicky...)

    ANYWAY, rambling aside, I completed the Leaf Green portion today (VBA speed toggle ftw). Using A-Starter, I modified the starters and chose Zubat (Squirtle), and Douche chose Bulbasaur. Since Zubat only starts with Leech Life, I modified it so that she was holding TM 47 Steel Wing - only way I would ever be able to defeat the wild pokemon and first gym. Unfortunately, my screenies from the first 6 gyms/Silph Co. were lost, so I don't have many left.

    Bite destroyed Sabrina here, with an Aerial Ace for good measure vs Venomoth

    I still had Steel Wing in my moveset here, so the Rhyhorns were easy stuff. The rest I just Aerial Aced/Bit to death

    Just some pre-E4 stats. Taught Batty Giga Drain in place of Steel Wing

    Giga Drains, some HP Electric and Bite for Jynx/Slowbro gave me the win here. Lapras was a bit of a pain though, with Lorelei using Hyper Potions quite regularly

    Hehe. A Giga Drain for each Onix, 3 Aerial Aces and Bob's your uncle. Didn't even bother healing after Lorelei, the Giga Drains fully healed my health

    Used Bite on all the pokemon here, 2HKOs on both Gengars, Arbok and HER Golbat. Used a Hyper Potion at the end and went onto Lance.

    HP Electric for Gyarados/Aerodactyl. Aerial Ace was underpowered against Dragonair due to the Intimidate, so I switched to Snorlax to soak up some hits while using a Full Restore. Then Aerial Aced my way through both Dragonairs. Dragonite hit me with a bunch of Outrages, but Batty is pretty bulky, and she took the hits easily. Heal up, use and Elixir, and onto Douche

    HP-electric for Gyarados/Pidgeot, Bite for Alakazam/Arcanine, Giga Drain for Rhydon and a few Aerial Aces to finish off Venusaur. Easy as Pi (3.1415926......)

    WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Batty was absolutely legendary, though can't say that I'm loathe to wait for the DS generations and the improved movesets. Plus it was really annoying how she couldn't evolve after level 37, so for the next 51 levels I had to be faced with the disappointment of a confused Batty...

    So, I'll either play Silver version or Sapphire next, might even do Soul Silver if I can solve my emulator problems.
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