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    Originally Posted by Lunedi View Post
    can you return the link center in CP's? U_U its the only form for obtain all starters :C and..i find a new bug...i select Totodile how my starter,and Silver too :S


    PD:sorry my bad english i speak spanish
    In the next beta there is linking capabilities in the Pokécom Centers only which are in Goldenrod City and the Orange Islands. That totodile bug with beta 2.1 was fixed a while back. Thanks for mentioning it though ;)

    Originally Posted by jjnerdful View Post
    Uh, something like that without adding all the new moves Gen IV and V added. Think that's doable?
    It's possible. If someone can get me a full list of changes comparing the differences rather than a full list of what they are then i can do it.

    Originally Posted by Carlomagno92 View Post
    Hi Link, well, your hack is original and I understand the reason, but Link, in the case of Sprites, there are someones very ugly or weird, for Example, Gyarados looks like the Yellow Version (I think, in the red/blue version Gyarados looks more agressive) but is only 1 suggestion, the hack is yours, but i really recognize you did a good job in this hack. I prefeer one millon times your hack, before the HG/SS. ^^
    Haha thanks. Some of the sprites are old we have a few planned possibly for this beta but if not it will be the next/final beta.

    Originally Posted by laserblade14 View Post
    Very impressed, this hack has grown heaps. Dont know if its been mentioned (too lazy to look ^^) but hopeful your removing the weather?
    Im not removing all the weather only the annoying ones like sandstorms. Theres an updated weather system which reflects the current season your in in real life like summer, winter etc although that currently only works for UK seasons. It's possible that in time I add weather patterns for other regions too. I will miss sandstorms so might add them in like 1 in 100 chance you get them.

    Originally Posted by Maxim View Post
    Oh, it's back.

    I wonder how will Orange Archipelago look like. Will they be similar to its anime counterpart?

    Also, try to make the Orange Islands map look similar to the official one. It really annoyed me in Sergio's Naranja that his Orange Archipelago map was merely a broken Hoenn map.

    Also, minor detail (from what I've seen on a screenshot) - why isn't Vermillion Harbor a building?
    With vermillion and other maps ive changed it so there isnt an underhouse for the harbor, same with olivine city.

    The orange islands maps will be nothing like what they are in the anime. Infact I'll be mapping each one from scratch and from my head. The town names are completely different unless i add a major event from the anime which is possible. From whats in the beta 2.1 i added the Gs ball event. Its important that people know that my orange islands wont follow closely the story of the anime, infact not at all. The only ones are events i pick out like the crystal onix, the snorlax and stuff like that. Also the island names will be used from the anime like valencia island and sunburst island but again, not the town names.

    I hope people arnt expecting to play through the orange islands exaclty how they were in the anime because it wont happen like that. The plot for there is 90% custom and totally different.
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